How To Tell If He Is The Right Guy For You?

How To Tell If He Is The Right Guy For You?

Is He The Right Guy For You?

We live in a period of incredible disarray. Some of us never experienced true love, some don’t even put stock in love, and some never know why they are getting hitched. They say lives are connected across time by an old calling that echoes through ages called fate. Each soul will recognise its counterpoint in another, and miracles will happen. Yet, how might you be so sure he’s the right person for you?

Suppose you’ve been dating this person for a long while. He’s entertaining, keen, and relaxed. Too great to be true, that you end up blinded by his appeal and just considering taking the relationship to the next level. Yet, a wedding isn’t a game. It’s a life experience full of variables. To make the best of it, you must first make sure he’s unquestionably the right guy for you.

Do not jump to conclusions:

Try not to form a hasty opinion. You can tell if he is the individual, with whom you need to spend the rest of your life, just when the butterflies of the relationship blur away. Regardless of whether he is a cherished companion or a complete stranger, we consider being with somebody a very satisfying encounter that we neglect to consider what’s to come. Don’t be short-sighted. Ask yourself about how you feel when you are around him. Do you feel secure? Do you have fun when you’re with him? Can you trust him with your deepest secrets? Do you feel like you have a meaning and a place in his heart?

He truly loves you back:

You have to ensure that he has similar emotions towards you and whether they are real or not. Does he love you for who you are? We can’t deny the fact that most of the men out there are pursuing ladies for shallow reasons. They have some sort of ego they need to fulfil. You genuinely would prefer not to be only a tool that helps them achieve their goals. Make certain about his sentiments. Our bodies will get old by time, yet our spirits continue as before. Wedding is the tie-up of spirits not bodies, remember that.

He will stick to his oath:

Is he ready to make sacrifices for you? One of the oaths you make during the ceremony of a wedding is that you’ll be next to each other in sorrow and grief. You need to make sure that he doesn’t walk out once you’re facing the slightest trouble in your life. A wedding should not be a sinking ship, the stronger your relationship is, the higher your chances of making it last are. The man you want to marry must be willing to move mountains for you for it is moments of struggle that define the relationship. It can even be smaller things. Cancelling plans to be around you, never missing an opportunity to make you smile, helping you with your daily tasks, these are signs that he is truly into you and that he is giving a valiant effort to make the relationship last.

Conflicts are part of every wedding:

Do you have healthy conflicts? You must understand that a relationship with no conflicts is not a relationship at all. The journey of the wedding is full of ups and downs, disagreements and conflicts. It’s totally safe and natural. However, these conflicts must be healthy. If you’re both willing to go crazy at the slightest misunderstanding, then you’ve never been meant for each other. You need to handle and talk things out maturely, that is a sign of a healthy relationship. Both counterparts must express their feelings appropriately. Never be afraid to express what you truly think, whether it is something that upsets you or behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, your soul mate must understand.

You love him for his unique traits:

What do you see in him? Do you see a significant other that you love or just a bridge to the wedding because you’re so desperate to find real love? Never settle for less, but don’t you ever hold on to the superficial traits, they will fade away at some point. You need to dig deep down into his soul. Find the vulnerable creature, full of affection, and that is willing to fight for you. Love him for his creativity and sense of humour. Your other half will never fail to make you truly laugh in the sunshine and be your anchor in a troubled sea during the storm.

His body language says it all:

Read his body language when he’s around you. Although feelings can be faked, body language cannot. Brain research shows that whatever we’re feeling first, projects on our body even before reaching the concussion of our cerebrums. Anything from parting lips to raising eyebrows to flare nostrils and constant grooming could be signs that indicated he is truly into you. Pay attention to how he laughs and balance his body around you. These stereotypes cannot be faked.

He supports you in every decision:

Does he inspire you to be the person you always wanted to be? We all have certain passions and dreams. Whether they are places you want to be or goals you need to achieve, dreaming of a better version of ourselves is what unites us. However, some talented young ladies tend to sacrifice their dreams in the name of the wedding. It doesn’t have to be that way. Find somebody excited about your dreams as much as you are. Marry somebody that will support you along the journey and stand by your side whenever you need a push.

The Connection Between Love And Wedding:

Whenever a couple is about to get a divorce, you always hear the sentence ‘Our flame of love is turning down’. However, is it truly the case? Not even close. A wedding based on true love is meant to last forever. The flame should never fade.

A sense of freedom:

A love wedding ensures that you are the master of your fate. You can choose whoever you want to spend the rest of your life with. You set the guidelines and never settle for less.

A better mental wellbeing:

It promotes spiritual balance and mental health. Poor health outcomes such as depression, loneliness and isolation can all be traced back to being single. Married people, who are truly in love, show signs of a well balanced mental wellbeing. In fact, in love, couples have good reasons to feel pleased with themselves.

Improved financial status:

Wedding is also known to be a productive institution. A wide common thought we have is that marriage will exhaust every single penny you have, especially if you’re a woman. That’s definitely not the case. Researchers have proven that young ladies can enjoy higher levels of financial freedom by sharing the burdens with their loved ones.

The true meaning of happiness:

It is the paved road towards eternal happiness. A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. A chapter that is hopefully full of joy, freedom and success. Falling in love with the right guy can even turn the story of ‘Les Miserables’ to a happy fairytale. The positive outcomes of being with the one you love are just limitless.

A Final Thought About Love & Wedding:

There is no feeling as pure and unique as being truly loved. They say you never learn to live until you learn to love. The journey to the wedding can take quite some time. Just remember, your true love is somewhere out there for each soul has its significant other. You will find him by coincidence, and once you do, you will be glad it happened.

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