Wedding Trends 2020 UK: How A Post-COVID-19 Wedding Might Look Like

Wedding Trends 2020 UK: How A Post-COVID-19 Wedding Might Look Like

Weddings are milestones every couple awaits as they formally enter together into another chapter in their lives. However, with the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we now refer to the ‘new normal’ as the basis for future gatherings. In 2020, let’s see what trends would remain and what needs an overhaul. What would celebrations be like now that congregating is limited to a handful?

Wedding Trends 2020 UK

More Couples Will Choose Micro Weddings

Even before 2020, the trend for micro weddings has been emerging even before the mandate for social distancing. Inviting a multitudinous crowd of family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbours has come to an end. Couples have been long eyeing for more intimate celebrations that no longer bring them a stark focus under the spotlight. This trend means they now have more meaningful moments with their guests, and they can spend more lavishly having a smaller group around.

How small is a micro wedding celebration?

It can go as small as just 50 guests. It can be traditional, modern, or a combination, depending on the couple’s preference. Nowadays, couples have a more definite direction on what they want for their weddings. A lot make a statement and express their individuality through bespoke and unique motifs.

Micro weddings have more flexibility as couples have more room for spending. Quality moments can also go hand in hand with a quality experience. From exclusive fine dining meals to bespoke memoirs. A grandeur of fireworks, statement styling, and even personalised gifts.

Destination Weddings Will Be A Big Trend After The Coronavirus

A significant advantage of micro weddings is the feasibility of destination weddings. Asia, Europe, the Americas, or wherever it may be, couples find it easier to accommodate a small group for an intimate grandeur. What’s great about it is that options have become varied in recent years as countries have been able to develop dedicated areas meant for special celebrations. While it adds more significance to the couple, it also contributes to the tourism industry. Moreover, a lot of establishments have started targeting this specific niche as well, which, in turn, enables more accommodating options to the couple’s budget and preference.

Sustainable Weddings: Marrying With The Environment In Mind

Going eco-friendly has been an ongoing trend for quite a while now. More than just a fad, sustainability practices have become part of a more meaningful lifestyle. Moreover, it has extended to more than just selecting whole food.

An increasing number of eco-warriors have opted for responsible hosting. This trend means selecting natural venues and going for rustic styling. Garden, beach, and alfresco have become a more popular option for these. Similarly, food is locally or sustainably sourced, and couples are starting to reduce waste consciously. Menus have become more inclusive, and it has dramatically benefited pescetarians, vegetarians and vegan. While food choices have become eco-friendly, it also provided a venue for discovering and showcasing local resources and cuisine.

Sustainable weddings usually go for hosts and suppliers that align towards the same cause. It can be executed through plastic-free, reusable favours, reusable straws, and refurbished pieces. Couples also veer away from printed invitation cards, not unless deemed necessary. A DIY wedding approach has also become more valuable.

Wedding Clothes

The Wedding Dress

Whites have and will always be classic. It will never go out of style when walking down the aisle. However, many brides nowadays have begun opening up to different colours and hues. Couples embrace different colour palettes these days because most tradition restrictions are fading away, and they are also encouraged to bring out a statement of their own. The same happens with veils. This year, we will see veils in extremes. It’s either you have it small, or you have it big. When I say big, you supersize. Get inspired by Meghan and Chopra’s veils that both required no less than two attendants for handling. This trend allows for more drama and provides excellent silhouettes.

The Wedding Tuxedo

As the crisp black tuxedo becomes more in demand and more often used in conventional weddings, 2020 opens up a new sense of wedding fashion to the groom as well. Men’s tuxedos come now in more textured fabrics and more extensive colour swatches. Either custom, velvet, silk, or cotton, the groom can sport a kind of fashion that speaks highly of himself and his wife-to-be.

Wedding Photography

Pre-Nuptial Shoots

We might perceive photoshoots as an option, but it is undoubtedly becoming a must-have for couples before the wedding day itself. Either a Save-the-Date or a Pre-wedding shoot, many have most specifically allotted a part of their time and budget in preparation for the much-awaited shoot.

As pre-nuptial shoots have become more important for couples, we can expect it to offer more variety and elevation. With different storyboards that convey the history of the couple, and themes emphasising on different cultures and races, these shoots may take you even further than the wedding venue itself.

Photo Booths

These days, we all have acquainted the role of photography in our daily lives. Think: social media stories and news feeds. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. A photobooth, similarly, has been a staple to almost all events. From birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and weddings, photo booths are here to stay.

This year, we expect photo booths to put an extra “oomph” in their game. More than just a photo, these booths are expected to similarly give an experience like no other to guests of the event. Aside from the different accessories, you can have fun with photo sessions. We expect more filters and effects from photo booth suppliers. We also expect it to be more elegant, sophisticated and high-tech. Nowadays, an increasing number of photo booth companies and suppliers have been making improvements to the technology used for their equipment.

Furthermore, to add a more bespoke and curated styling and effect, these booths are expected to perform a more professional portrait session. What used to be a random and candid photo keepsake before will now become an entirely shot self-portrait and group photos.

Grazing tables

As the rustic style flourishes in popularity, so are grazing tables. We will see more frequently those artisanal touches of salty and savoury cheeses, meats, and fruits. It doesn’t matter what motif; these grazing tables will perfectly adorn your venues. Additionally, we expect cupcakes, muffins, and doughnuts to be frequent in every wedding event.


It’s never easy to put together a great wedding event. More often than not, couples get more pressure thinking that nothing should go wrong on their special day. Sometimes, we direct wedding preparations as to how the guests would enjoy the event, instead of the other way around. Weddings are supposed to be unique – for the couple. When planning your wedding, make sure you go for what you want, not what your guests want. Let it be all about you. A special day doesn’t need to be grand to be unique, nor does it need to be big to be memorable. More importantly, your wedding won’t be less unique if it’s not expensive.

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